Social Media Marketing

Looking to partner with a social media agency in Brisbane to grow your business and brand? Brisbane Local Marketing provides trusted social media services to clients in Brisbane and across the globe, helping businesses like yours connect with their audience on their favourite social media platforms, most importantly, Facebook and Instagram. Our experienced social media consultants work closely with businesses and organisations across multiple sectors to increase your digital reach and visibility, build trust and equity in your brand, and help your business grow. 

Bringing together your social presences into a unified social media strategy that ties in with your branding and business growth objectives, our social media experts tailor social campaigns to deliver real returns on investment for your business. Unlike many social media companies in Brisbane, BLM is a full-service marketing agency which means we can help you with all aspects of your digital and social presence — including high-end creatives (photo, video & graphic design) and digital ads that tie in with your social campaigns.

Strengthen Your Brand

Using the right tone and voice for your target audience and branding objectives, we help to strengthen brands through consistency and by building trust.

Expand Your Social Reach

From posts that share your stories and favourite content to hyper-targeted ads that leverage data insights into your audience, we’ll expand your social reach.

ROI-Focused Social

BLM is an ROI-focused Brisbane marketing agency and our social media services are designed to deliver outstanding ROI that helps businesses like yours grow.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Trusted by businesses and organisations of all sizes and across a range of industries and sectors, BLM provides a complete range of social media services to local clients in Brisbane and across the globe. Our social gurus have considerable social media agency expertise and have delivered social campaigns to achieve a wide and varied range of business growth and branding objectives. Whether you’re chasing more leads to convert into sales through Facebook and Instagram ads, want to grow your social visibility organically or simply need expert advice from an experienced business marketing consultant with social specialisation, Brisbane Local Marketing can help.  
Delivering the highest quality social media management services for small to medium-sized businesses in Brisbane, across Australia and internationally, our social media experts create fully-bespoke social campaigns. We never take a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach with our paid and organic social solutions — each social campaign is created from the ground up to ensure all bases are covered and we’re on course to achieve your social objectives. And as we provide digital advertising services like Google Ads, we can coordinate your social and search campaigns. 

Our SMM services include:

Data-Driven Social Media

Whether your target audience is on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, our social experts create social media campaigns that leverage powerful audience and data insights to deliver results that fully maximise your digital marketing spend and keep your brand front of mind.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

To put your products and services in front of your audience on social media, Facebook and Instagram ads are likely to be the way to go. We tailor ROI-focused Facebook and Instagram paid social media campaigns that combine precise audience targeting with high-end creatives.

Organic Social Media

Connecting with an audience on social and keeping them interested in your brand’s content and building equity in your brand long-term requires ongoing strategising, entertaining, interesting and relevant content, and insights into the latest social media trends. We can help.