July 1, 2021

Optimising Old Website Content for Better SEO Results

While the known techniques of SEO entail the insertion of proper keywords that are meant to boost search engine results of a site, the whole process is actually all about guesswork. Google’s algorithm for its search engine platform utilises over two hundred factors to determine how content is ranked, which is why one set of keywords is not always enough for growth. 

However, you do not need to dive into the complications of SEO to use it. In spite of how complex the algorithms have become, the entire coding process is up to the programmers of Google, with the SEO basics still easy to understand and digest. 

We use Google as an example because we really do not know anyone who uses other search engines either by choice or without knowing. It is simply just the most refined one and useful one, with perhaps billions of searches each day. Google is also run by engineers, and not exactly those who are geared to make money, meaning the entire platform of the company’s products and services offered comes from engineers. 

At Brisbane Local Marketing, we have set up a guide to boost your search engine rankings through updating old content:

Ensure The Relevance Of Content

Your aim when you update old content is to make sure that your rankings are improved over time. Some articles, however, do not age well so it pays to consider your reader. Business trends change, fashion changes, and practically everything changes in the span of a few months to years. In fact, even Google changes very often, making it integral to understand if what you wrote a while back is still relevant or correct. 

If you can ensure that your post is still answering the right questions correctly and relevantly, then you can proceed.

Update Links Accordingly

Old articles may have links that no longer work, or are proven to be false or misleading. When updating content, check if the links are still relevant to today, or if the things being linked are still working links or available products. 

Having good links makes SEO ratings better, with bad links being of no use to anyone who tries to access and gather information from your article. It pays to look for new information and newer links, or if it is really not possible, just do not push through with the update and write a new piece. 

Ensure SEO-Friendliness Of Your Articles

Google’s algorithm works in a way that prioritises well-optimised sites that are friendly to users. Ensure that your keywords are accurate and utilised properly and not too little or too often, and make sure that your web design is not slowing down the page. Make the graphics a little less large and heavy to make the page lightweight enough to be accessed quickly. 

Improve Headlines

Viewers love to see captivating headlines, as these are normally what gets them to click on your article. Make sure it sounds interesting and hits all points that you are addressing with what you wrote. There are specific ways to write good headlines, which involve power words that get people’s attention. They should also contain keywords as much as possible for better search engine traffic. 

Submit Content To Google And Promote It On Social Media

After republishing previously published content, indexing your content with Google is important because it tells Google you’ve done great changes to an old article. Once submitted, the company’s algorithms will give it a second run through to make changes using “spiders”.

The last step is to promote that you made changes on social media for your followers to view. This will let them know that awesome content has been updated, balances were made, and will help newer followers view what you wrote previously. 


While this may sound like a lot of work, optimising sites for SEO through modifying previous articles is an easy way to increase growth and following. You can also provide followers with more answers to their questions with better updates and understanding of the products you sell and how much these have changed. Do more with your site by giving past articles a revamp today!

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