January 1, 2022

It’s copy RIGHT, not copy WRONG!

In business, just as in everyday life, first impressions are EVERYTHING!

Whether you’re a billion-dollar multi-national, mid-level enterprise or even an operation of just one, “appearance” and “presentation” are paramount to your brand’s success, which makes a marketing copywriter and SEO copywriter vital tools in your organisation’s advertising arsenal. 

After all, in order to taste “success” one must first project the image of “success”, which is why having engaging, eye-catching and concise content and copy is key.

In fact, if you’ve ever taken the time out to research your competitor’s website copywriting or general copywriting services, you will be surprised by just how uninspired, out-of-touch and confusing their marketing copy often is. 

So why not learn from your rival’s mistakes and start taking better care of your own content creation?

Remember, you don’t want to drive away potential customers and new business simply because the copy on your website or marketing literature is not up to scratch. 

Copywriting is much more than spell check!

Any professional writer will tell you that EVERYONE thinks they’re a writer. Attend a Saturday night BBQ or dinner party and there will be someone blowing his or her own trumpet and boasting about that best selling manuscript they have allegedly tucked away in their sock drawer. 

But the truth of the matter is – writing is incredibly difficult! And being a “great” writer requires a lifelong dedication to the craft. Whilst you don’t need to be the next Hemingway or Plath to create effective marketing content and copy for your business, you do need a wordsmith or someone with a strong command for persuasive and informative language. 

And that’s where the marketing copywriter or SEO copywriter comes in. 

So, what is a copywriter – you might ask? Let us answer that pesky question for you once and for all. 

A copywriter is…?

A copywriter is exactly that – someone who creates or writes copy (or words) to suit your organisation’s marketing, advertising and general communications needs. 

Sounds simple, right? WRONG! Marketing copywriting and SEO copywriting is a super complex and time-consuming process. 

The real question you need to be asking yourself is – do you really have the time to dedicate to those all-important administrative and housekeeping duties, such as the daily updating of your website blogs, social media pages and EDMs? 

The answer is you probably don’t, which is why you need to start changing your mindset when it comes to your communication and marketing outputs. 

After all, in business time really is money! 

So, instead of straining your brain and bashing down on your keyboard in frustration, why not seek the help of a copywriting agency to help create your web copywriting and overall copywriting services?

After all, when your company car breaks down or the office photocopier is on the blink, you call a professional technician for help, right? 

No one is a jack of all trades. And the same goes for your content creation and marketing copy. 

Words are all you have!

Have you heard of the phrase “content is king?”? Well, this term also applies to your business, not just the big end of town.

We live in the “age of content”, so what you put out there for public eyes really can decide your company’s fate. And, at the end of the day, words truly are all you have when selling or promoting your business and its’ service. 

So, your words better be top notch!

Make no bones about it, hiring an in-house marketing copywriter or freelance SEO copywriter is simply a no brainer in this ever-moving, modern business world. In fact, it really can make the difference between your business going gangbusters or going bust! 

It’s no exaggeration to say that it could be the difference between hitting those KPI’s or not. If you’re serious about your business and its future, then your marketing, audience and reputation really demand it.

Copywriting and YOUR business

Here are some key areas your business should be active in when it comes to copywriting and content creation.

SEO copywriting – SEO (or search engine optimisation) copywriting is about writing copy that is keyword-optimised for search engines like Google. It involves incorporating “keywords” on your website that those searching your company (i.e. your clients) might punch into their laptops. 

Direct response copywriting – Direct response copywriting aims to encourage the reader (i.e. your clients) to spring into taking action as soon as possible. That could be anything like purchasing your product right there and then or even subscribing to your website or weekly newsletter. 

Business to business (B2B) and Business to consumer (B2C) – are pretty much that. B2B sells to businesses and B2C sells to consumers. Of course, copywriters create copy according to their respective audience. 

Good copy vs. bad copy?

Like all trades, there are certainly lots of charlatans out there when it comes to copywriting. As we explained earlier – everyone can be a writer, right?


Here’s a list of copywriting DON’TS to keep an eye out for when next reading over your marketing content or considering adding a SEO or marketing copywriter to your books. 

Remember: it’s important to be discerning and “do your research” and “reference checks” on a potential new candidate because poor copywriting can really harm your business and its reputation. 

Don’t forget about what we said about first impressions!

5 Copywriting DONT’S to consider: 

1. Know your audience – writing for the wrong demographic can be counterproductive and costly

2. Create content with your medium in mind – websites, tv, radio and print all require different voices 

3. Avoid the overuse of boring industry jargon that your audience may not even understand

4. Keep it simple, stupid – never overestimate (or underestimate) your audience’s knowledge

5. Spelling mistakes, poor structure and bad grammar is simply unacceptable! 

Does your copy need a boost? The answer is no doubt, “yes”.  But don’t stress, as help is just a quick phone call away.

Get in touch today for a free 30-minute phone consultation to see how we can help you right some wrongs when it comes to copywriting for your business.