July 1, 2021

How to Enhance Your Customers’ Digital Experience During COVID

The most successful brands have forged connections with their audiences. Relationships, no matter nature, have an emotional component—and utilizing this aspect is exactly what strengthens brands. Customer relationships naturally occur over time, but loyalty is built upon good experiences, repeated engagement, and satisfactory touchpoints. 

This relationship, however, can be compromised when crises occur. The COVID-19 pandemic, for instance, forced people away from their friends and family, thrust into a new normal that has rendered their work and other favourite places inaccessible. Part of those favourite places may perhaps be your business, and countless like you have adapted to the digital world for survival. 

With that being said, your customer’s experiences have been affected. Buying behaviours have changed, and what once was their favourite may not be the priority now. The question now stands: how do you let people know that your brand still exists to help them through terrifying and stressful times? In other words, how do you help create a better digital experience for your customers? Here’s how:

1 – Listen to your employees

While a digital marketing consultant will come up with impeccable strategies, it’s always best to listen to your employees first. Your frontline employees have work on the field, meaning that they have firsthand experience of what your customers may need. You will be able to gauge exactly how your customers and how each individual interaction changes. 

This is a powerful resource often overlooked, and even with customer experience a top priority, companies fail to realize that their employees have the best possible ideas for improvement. They collect real-time data and feedback, making it a steady source in a rapidly changing environment. By doing so, you keep your company on top of customer experience and expectations. 

2 – Don’t meet your customers half-away—meet them at home 

Given the current situation, consider bringing your business into your customer’s homes. Home delivery has now become a necessity, with online grocery stores and other food delivery services coming to life. If you’re in the food industry, you’re likely already benefiting from the influx of demand. 

If you’re not, however, what’s stopping you from trying it out? You may be operating a brick and mortar store, but your customers will likely be itching for your products and services. Delivery options are now expanding beyond food—pharmacies now offer prescription delivery services. Car dealerships offer to pick up and drop off services, especially when it comes to maintenance and repair. The digital world is full of possibilities—all you need is a careful measure of patience, innovation, and a strong desire to enhance customer experiences. 

3 – Add touches of humanity to your digital efforts

The best digital marketing services continue to encourage innovation. It’s always been the norm to meet customers on multiple platforms, which can be physical, remote, and digital, but up until the COVID-19 crisis, a lot of options have been set aside for the sake of transitioning. Because the chances of human interactions have greatly been reduced, the time for digital and automation has now come. 

It now warrants more than just simplicity and efficiency. With a lack of human interactions, you need to find ways to let humanity come across the channels. The strategies need to come from you, however, as you know your target markets better than anyone else. Make sure you convey messaging of care and authenticity. 

The Future of Digital Experiences 

In the end, connections are what we all have as human beings. COVID-19 has highlighted our need for interactions and engagement, even when it comes to relationships between businesses and customers. Businesses are forced to shut down here and there, but the best ones remain because of one thing: a deep appreciation for putting people first. 

Brands that showcase responsibility and positive adaptability are forging a better place for their customers, one that not only warrants survival but a deeper meaning as a brand. And for many consumers, that signifies one thing: this is a brand to trust, to bond with, to be loyal to. That’s all you’ll ever need to survive many fruitful years of business. 

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