4 Steps To Make More Money From Local Ads

Not all ads are created equal. Some are more clicked, and some create more conversions than others. If your ads are boring, don’t pull any interest, aren’t relevant, or are poorly crafted, then yes, they will be ignored. Your money goes to waste and your efforts are left unrewarded. Circumvent this by creating placements that actually work with these four quick tips:

First, be very, very, very, specific with your targeting. We cannot stress this enough. Don’t just sell “shoes.” It’s broad and boring. Be particular and precise. Instead, make it “Men’s suede Chelsea boots.”

Second, make it current.  The Internet is a fast-moving thing, and we users feel that. Whatever is recent will catch attention. “The Best Marketing Strategies of 2017” is more interesting and more critical than just “The Best Marketing Strategies.” Put the current timestamp on your copy, “Hundreds Helped Last October,” “Industry Forecast on 2018,” or “Hit High This Q4”.

Third, show your target audience what THEY want to accomplish.  Your customers are looking for solutions, not products. Show them what they want. Don’t focus on generic “Lose Weight,” but instead, give them “Banish Your Love Handles, For Good.” It’s more interesting, more authoritative, and it’s actually what they were looking for.

And most importantly, make it personal. Speak to your audience. Use the second most important noun in marketing, “you” (the most important is the customer’s name, but you can’t that…yet).  “All YOU Need to Get Insured” will always beat the “We Give the Best Insurance” or “10 Years of Insurance Service” because it connects more with the audience via only one word: you.

There are more ways, but these are the core steps. Get them right, and I guarantee you’ll see an increase in the effectiveness of your ads.


In a nutshell

Remember, maximise your Google ads by making sure that you:

  • Are very, very specific with your keywords
  • Make your ads current
  • Show your target audience what THEY want to accomplish
  • And make it personal


Also, keep in mind these four things that go into your advertisement, and make sure you consider them when crafting your ad placements:

  • Your keywords’ preciseness
  • The relevance of your keywords
  • Your ad’s quality score
  • The cost per click to keep you within the budget

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